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Car Wraps, Are They Worth It?

Car Wraps Marketing

Marketing your business is an ongoing project that never seems to end. For a small business it may be hard to know what you should spend your money on. If you're just starting out, you might not have much to invest in marketing so you want to make sure that what you do spend will give you the most bang for your buck!  For bigger businesses it may come down to the bottom line and not wanting to affect your profit margin. No one likes spending their hard earned money if you aren't sure what the return on investment is. 

We've all seen car wraps driving around town.  They are flashy and look cool (well, most of the time). It is a growing industry, and more and more companies are buying into the mobile marketing idea. When it comes to your business you may be thinking, "Man, that would be really cool. I wish we could afford to show off."  Well, the idea of car wraps is to show off --  show off your business. You want to show off your business to get your business noticed. Look at common, non social media marketing ideas: Flyers, mailers, post cards, banners, reward programs, business cards, and so on. These all cost money, some more than others. When deciding which way to market, you are going to analyze your "Return on Investment" or ROI. I'll just use banners for this blog to give you the idea.

Let’s say you have a business in a small shopping center on a busy street and to advertise you think, “Let's make a banner to go in front of the store.  That should be pretty affordable." Traffic that drives by will be able to see your business, but you are limiting your advertising to only those who drive that street.   If your business is farther back in the shopping center, your visibility is decreased and could be limited to those actually driving into the shopping center.  So let's say you spend $200 on the banner. You will likely make your money back on that advertisement, but making your money back isn't the name of the game is it? No, you want a huge return on investment!  Now take this example and apply it to a service based company like a plumber who is probably located in an industrial complex area where drive-by traffic doesn’t exist.  A banner will not draw in customers. Now let's look at getting a vehicle wrap with cool graphics advertising your business! Think of all the places your vehicle goes. It is a banner on wheels traveling the highway, making deliveries, stopping at the store down the street and the gas station.  And think of all those local cities around where you live and work that you travel through daily. Your visibility increases infinitely. You are marketing without having to think about it. Getting a car wrap with catchy and sleek graphics will get your business noticed. Think about when you see a car wrapped on the road, you noticed it, didn't you?

Car wraps may seem expensive up front but the life of a wrap is 3-5 years when installed by a reputable installer printed on the right material. Car wraps don't have to be a full wrap either; sometimes it just isn't in the budget.  You can still get partial wraps or nice decals on your car as well. The thing to remember is "cheap work ain't quality and quality work ain't cheap."   Car wraps are becoming such a big thing that there are companies who will pay people to drive their normal cars with the company logos and graphics because they see the organic reach of mobile marketing.  To answer the question "Is the car wrap worth it?" remember that it is an investment, not a product to buy and hang up. Your reach and visibility is going to expand into more areas than most static marketing, and it will make you stand out from your competitor who is still using a banner on their storefront to advertise. 

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