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Clear Vinyl Stickers w/ White Ink-Square

Clear Vinyl Stickers w/ White Ink-Square

$ 11.52

These transparent square stickers are great when you want the surface that you're sticking them to to show through. Make your sticker pop by using white ink in the design to either show or  to give your sticker some dimensions by placing white ink under certain areas of your design that you want to be more opaque.

File Set Up

-Create your file with a 1/8" bleed all the way around the card and be sure to extend background colors and images to this edge. If your finished sticker size is 3"x3" your file size should be made 3.25"x3.25" to account for the bleed

-Tell us where you want white ink to by making a making a Spot Color named "Printing White" and tinting the Cyan value to 10 (just so we can see it in the file, we'll change it to pure white on our end). Create your art work, including any visible white on one layer, then make another layer under that one lay out where you would like your underbase white. It can be under the whole design or just under parts. This works best in vector programs. 

-Place all important text and images at least 1/8" inside the edge of the of the finished size of sticker. 

File Set Up Example

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