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Bumper Stickers

$ 47.50

Need stickers for "on the go"? We have you covered with our vinyl bumper stickers! Since they are vinyl you don't have to worry about them falling apart in the rain like you would with cheap paper stickers. These are made to last. Choose between laminated or not for that extra bit of fade resistance to make sure your message stands out for a long time!

File Set Up

-Create your file with a 1/8" bleed all the way around the card and be sure to extend background colors and images to this edge. If your finished sticker size is 3"x11" your file size should be made 3.25"x11.25" to account for the bleed

-Place all important text and images at least 1/8" inside the edge of the of the finished size of sticker. 

File Set Up Example

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